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Have you the key data at your fingertips?

Some questions to ask yourself

Are you wading in a sea of data, with no information?

Your systems produce a lot of data, but you simply don’t have the manpower, or skill sets available to derive meaningful, up to date information

Do executive reports take days to complete?

Monthly reports are painful to pull together and you need to dedicate scarce resource to this task which you’d love to use elsewhere

Are spreadsheets are emailed around?

Weekly or monthly performance data comes around in spreadsheets, each one takes time to open, manipulate and understand.  Its hard to see trends.

Does data from different sources reconcile?

Data comes from many different systems, but often does not reconcile cleanly, leaving your team arguing over the actual numbers and lacking trust in some data sources.

Being data driven in today’s environment is vital to business success.

Let DataZorb help

We have a crack team of data analysts you can access on an hourly paid basis

Our skills

Our analysts can quickly bring data from disparate sources into one place, and ensure its cleaned up, consistent and up to date.

We can create a reporting database that takes feeds from other systems in real time, so it’s always up to date.

We can perform transformations on the data so that it’s consistent, relevant and insightful for your reporting systems.

We can build queries to extract relevant statistics into spreadsheets or reports.

We can build live KPI Dashboards for your business or team.

We can complete those data projects you know you should do but don’t have the in-house skills or time.

In short, think of us as an outsourced data analysis resource that you can call on as and when you need it.

How we work

Our analysts work under your direction, on as small or large a project as you want.  We don’t set out to accomplish major projects, we do set out to improve your data analysis and visibility bit by bit as your business wants and needs.

We expect to deliver insights within a few days, and to keep adding value as the data sets get refined and measures are decided on.

Our analysts can work at your site or remotely, its up to you.  In many cases they will start by working mainly on site, and transition to mainly remote work as familiarity builds.


DataZorb recruits maths, physics and engineering graduates from top universities, so they are unusually smart individuals.  We then train them in data extraction, security, analysis and dashboarding techniques.

Our culture is to be creative, diligent and accurate.  Each analyst has a weekly peer review of his work and is required to share key techniques and ideas in our Knowledge Workshops each Friday.


The top performing companies today use their data to drive real business benefit

Clarify your strategy

Really understand business data, through extracting it and analyzing it in different ways.  The process of defining and implementing a KPI dashboard will by itself force you to clarify your business strategy. What metrics are really important and where will you put your focus?  And it will quickly reveal whether your strategy is correct as the KPI’s respond – or not – to your management actions.

Generate team alignment

Given access to data and KPI dashboards, your staff will quickly work out what’s important to the business – and to the leadership.  This will generate alignment of goals and help communicate progress across departments and the business as a whole.  Having everyone pulling in the same direction can already be transformational for many businesses.

Save time and resource

Having a consistent and updated data warehouse, plus a dashboard of the key metrics of your business or section, will save you a lot of time when it comes to reporting upwards, managing team meetings, or analysing data.  The data warehouse will be invaluable for adhoc analyses that would otherwise be simply to difficult and expensive to perform.

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